Mother Care

Treatments for all gestations of pregnancy from conception to birth, and beyond.

Why Craniosacral Therapy for Mothers?

Birth stretches our minds, bodies and hearts to the limit.

The physical stuff of our bodies and minds is created during our time in the womb. Our nervous systems are patterned from our mother’s. We are as much affected by her experiences and beliefs as our bodies are crafted by the diet and environment available to her. Support during the childbearing year can support the greatest health of mother and baby through the physical and emotional journey of bringing new life in to world.

Treatments are offered for all gestations of pregnancy from conception to birth, and beyond.



As baby’s nervous system is patterned after their mother’s, it is of utmost importance that a mother supports her own nervous system the best that she can. This can include managing daily stress levels or simply acknowledging the feelings we have about pregnancy and parenthood, whatever they are.

Supporting the nervous system allows our bodies to find a resourced, neutral state restorative to mind and body. Many clients experience better digestion, posture and sleep after a session. Physically, Craniosacral Therapy addresses the deeper layers of tissue around the uterus, pelvic bowl and diaphragm to bring relief to mothers experiencing pelvic discomfort or back pain, heartburn and shortness of breath. Emotionally, this level of awareness can be profound around previous birth experiences, sexual trauma and scar tissue.

Prenatal Care Sessions

Prenatal sessions are 90 minutes and are a combination of soft tissue work and Craniosacral Therapy with plenty of time for supportive pillowing, stretching and relaxation.

Pillowing: Rather than use specialty pregnancy pillows or bolsters, we use commonly available pillows to support the body. My goal is for the level of comfort a mother experiences in my office to be something she can re-create at home. Sessions tend to focus on side-lying and reclining positions. For certain discomforts, pillowing face-down is available.

Stretches: Prenatal sessions include Pelvic Stabilization technique, a series of stretches that release the hips and pelvis evenly to stabilize the gait and reduce pelvic ‘tipping’ to ease common pregnancy discomforts and suppport optimal fetal positioning.

Belly Massage: The abdominal massage is optional depending on a mother’s need and comfort. We are not massaging the uterus itself but releasing the respiratory diaphragm and soft tissue attachments of the uterus which can be extremely helpful in reducing anterior hip and pubic bone pain, reducing shortness of breath, improving heartburn and digestion, and allowing more space space for baby to adjust their position.

Massage during pregnancy may relieve common discomforts:

  • Swelling
  • Shortness of breath
  • Joint discomfort (hips/pubis symphysis)
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Leg cramps
  • Indigestion

Many moms take home new tips to stay comfortable through the night and for the duration of their pregnancy!

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My prenatal massage was wonderful. The mixture of relaxation, interactive stretching and self care tips for the future was invaluable. After our session I integrated the stretches and sleeping positions you recommended. My hip pain has nearly disappeared.

My pregnancy has been very enjoyable and I believe your caring touch has contributed. Thank you! I look forward to scheduling another session before our babies arrive.




After birth, our bodies are doing the best they can to assimilate a host of new emotions and a rollercoaster of hormones similar to those we experienced in pregnancy. Physically, the session focus is again on hips and movement. This assistance after the birth addresses overstrained and out of balance physical structures as well as creating space for the emotional experiences of birth to be processed and healed. Allowing this time and space for the nervous system to rebalance can have profoundly positive effects on bonding, breastfeeding and family relationships for years to come.

Postpartum Care Sessions

75 minute integrated sessions target the needs of the post-birth body and new mother.

Positioning: Bodywork post-birth often mirrors a prenatal session with side lying positions and pillow changes to support sore hips, breastfeeding bodies or cesarean recovery.

Bodycare: We target the muscles that have stretched and worked so hard, to relax and strengthen. Shoulders and low back take much of the brunt in breastfeeding and carrying baby. Recognizing these areas helps moms to relax and adjust into the new experiences of motherhood.

Recovery: It is not unusual for the body to take some time after birth to realize the pregnancy is over and a new season has begun. By moving slowly and incorporating Craniosacral Therapy, sessions focus on allowing the shift to the body's new alignment. This is often felt in movement of the pelvic bones, recognition of the birth experience and the processing of the attending emotions anywhere on the spectrum from elation to grief.

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Aside from her exceptional ability to provide ease to the stressed pregnancy body, she also offered support in the mental realm. She continuously took an interest in my overall wellbeing as well as that of the baby’s. While I was nervous with all the new elements, Emily provided a strong, patient, and calm presence at all times. I feel very fortunate to have met her, and give her my utmost recommendation.