Oral Tie Support Group

Trying to navigate oral tie issues?

The rise in Frenectomy/Frenotomy procedures can make it challenging to know if this is the right choice for your baby, your feeding relationship and your family

Our group meets as a place for parents to answer each others questions and support each others' experiences.

Experienced professionals are present to offer their expertise and answer common questions

  • What makes a revision procedure successful?

  • What does quality after care look like?

  • How do I choose a release provider?

  • Is bodywork really necessary?

Talk to parents and professionals who know what you're going through

Optimal Timing of Release

Each baby needs unique timing and support

Timing: Not every child will be ready for a revision at the same time. The timing of release is dependent on many factors and symptoms. Making sure you and your child are ready for the procedure is key to a successful outcome.

After Care: Each release provider has a different after-care protocol. Post-procedure stretches and wound monitoring is crucial for optimal outcomes. The length and timing of stretches can vary between children depending on their age and healing. 

Symptoms: Not all oral ties come with obvious symptoms. Many children can have mild symptoms that increase or decrease as time goes on. There are other conditions that share oral tie symptoms. It is important to have a correct diagnosis and clear path of recovery to make sure oral tie revision is the right choice for your child's health.

Group Support

  • Tips & Tricks from seasoned professionals and parents
  • Comfort Measures you can do at home
  • The Magic of CoRegulation
  • Community Building
  • Answers to common questions

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