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What is the Tummy Time! Method?

The Tummy Time!TM Method was developed by Michelle Emanuel, OT/IBCLC to address common discomforts and deficits in infant movement. Combining developmental movement, reflexes and knowledge of the nervous system, the Tummy Time!TM approach can help babies make huge strides in movement milestones and overcoming common challenges.

Each 6-week series builds on the basic skills of tummy time to equip parents with tools to connect, trouble shoot and support their baby’s optimal mental, emotional and physical development.

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Tummy Time! can help:

  • Rolling/Crawling delays
  • Head turn preferences
  • Poor digestion
  • Head shaping issues
  • Discomfort in tummy time
  • Social engagement
  • Oral tie revision recovery


Each week, this series builds on knowledge, skill and community.

Week 1

The 8 Phases of Tummy Time , The Nervous System, and how it impacts learning

Week 2

 Creating your Tummy Time Spot at home

Week 3

The Myth of Self Regulation - what we can do to foster resilient children

Week 4

Assists: Specific strategies to challenge and support baby as they grow

Week 5

Inversions & Stretches: some baby yoga for optimal development

Drop-in classes are available if you are curious or a returning parent.

Help baby LOVE Tummy Time!

How is the Tummy Time! Method different from tummy time? Michelle Emanuel, OTR/L IBCLC, combined her knowledge of the nervous system, postural development and her clinical skill to make tummy time into a tool that optimizes baby's potential for movement and connection.


Why Tummy Time! Method? The Tummy Time! Method focuses on the baby/caregiver connection combined with specific, therapeutic movement to enhance and correct postural development and neurodevelopment.

One on One  The Tummy Time! Method is a tool we bring into nearly every session. If this is something you would like to focus on, let me know!

We take the time to make sure you know each step and give you tools specific to your baby to help them reach milestones and correct movement deficits and preferences.

Group Sessions A method focused on social connection thrives in group settings! Experience this method in small groups of babies and caregivers to learn the techniques, get one on one tips and build relationships with other families.


Please pre-register for Tummy Time! Method classes due to limited group sizes

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